Student Council

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year Broncos!

Your student council has an amazing lineup of events planned this year! This year we will bring back some of our classic events like Coffee House, Semi-Formal, and Backyard Bash. New events this year include a Battle of the Bands and a Talent Show. To stay informed on these and other events, follow on Instagram @SCBanting.

We hope you get involved this year and make 2022-23 a memorable year! 


A Message from the SC Prime Minister Aniera T: 

Hey Broncos! Student Council is looking forward to making this year incredible for all students. This includes our semi-formal dance, spirit weeks, grade wars, backyard bash, and more! We are so excited to share our events and initiatives with you! To get all of our latest information on all events, follow our instagram @scbanting and checkout our link tree in our bio. After all our incredible events, don’t forget to give us your feedback! You can reach out to us using an anonymous comment on our Student Input Forms, or talk to a Student Council Member. GO BRONCOS!


Your 2023-24 Student Council Exec:

Prime Minister: Aniera T

Deputy Prime Ministers: John B and Tamaria W

Minister of Public Relations: Khadija A

Minister of Student Relations: Maysoon M

Ministers of Media: Rama A and Richard R


How can you get involved with the Student Council?

SC elections are held twice a year.  In the Spring, the executive members are elected for the following school year.  These students must be in Grade 11 or 12 when they hold their executive positions. Each fall, grade representative elections are held, where two students from each grade are chosen to represent their peers for the school year.  If you have any concerns, please speak to Ms. McLagan or Ms. Minello, the Staff Advisors


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