School Council

School councils are advisory bodies and we meet together to provide an open forum for suggestions and discussion of issues and concerns related to the school, school community and the Board. The advice should be based on the general views of the school community, and the best interests of all the students in the school.

Dates and Agendas 2021-2022
ALL meetings throughout the year are open to the whole community and are held in the Library. School Council meets at 6:30 p.m.


Meeting Dates:

Previous Agendas, Minutes and Annual Reports



  • Naheed Rizvi- Chair
  • Erica Lawson - Secretary / Treasurer
  • Silvie MacLean - Parent Representative
  • Francis Hinnah - Parent Representative
  • Neil Banerjee - Parent Representative
  • Gregori French - Parent Representative
  • Azmat Jehan - Parent Representative
  • Ana Johnson - Parent Representative
  • Amani Radhaa - Community Representative
  • Chris Francis - Teacher Representative
  • Richard Tamminga - Principal



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