Why Choose Banting?

Banting offers one of the most comprehensive selections of courses and programs in the Thames Valley District School Board. We have superb music, athletic and drama programs, as well as an incredible number of academic and technological courses. We invite students to become fully involved, to enjoy your education, and to share our pride in  Banting!

Here are only 8 reasons why students choose Banting.

Strong Culture and Climate

Wildcard - A Banting Tradition!

  • WC tradition began seventeen years ago to ease the transition between elementary and high school.  This conference is an excellent  leadership conference for future Banting Broncos currently in grade 8. Students will spend two days involved in orientation activities where they will develop friendships with grade eight students from other schools, as well as Banting senior students.  These carefully selected seniors will serve as their skill builders through various team work and self awareness activities.  The conference is organized to reflect a balance between skill building sessions and activities designed for fun and entertainment.  WildCard is an excellent transition to high school.



  • D.A.R.E. stands for Delegates Attaining Raw Experience and it has existed at Banting for over 25 years now! But what does that mean? It means that D.A.R.E. is a beautiful experience for the entire school population...even those who don't attend are touched by the beauty of the event.
  • Each fall, a group of 150 students spend 30 hours together at Stevenson's Camp learning how to become leaders, participants in life, caring members of the Banting community and great friends with each other through a variety of invigorating, fun, and meaningful activities. When most graduating students look back on their years at Banting, their most memorable even is often D.A.R.E....it is life changing!
Strong Academics
Student Supports
Leadership Opportunities

Students will have opportunities to develop and fine their leadership skills.



Relay for Life or One Run



Student Council

Music Council

Diabetes Campaign

 Extra-Curricular Program
 Enrichment Program
Banting is the high school of choice for students seeking enrichment opportunities as they begin grade nine and continue throughout their secondary school studies. At every grade and in multiple modes, Banting offers a full spectrum of program choices and inviting opportunities to go beyond what is offered in the traditional classroom.  Because Banting is a large, composite high school, the breadth and variety of programming is far greater than what can be provided in a smaller, neighbourhood school.

More information is available about our Enrichment Program.

 Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)
Banting offers two Specialist High Skills Majors, Sports and Business. 


The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) is a ministry approved program allowing students to focus their learning in a specific economic sector while meeting their requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Students are able to customize their courses to suit their interests and talents while preparing for a sector specific apprenticeship, college, university, or workplace destination. Students will be required to complete specific subjects in a major focus area, and complete industry certification courses. Students can enroll in the program in their senior years after they have completed their grade 10 credit requirements.

More information is available about our Specialist High Skills Major Program.



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