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    Elearning for 2020-2021

    To take elearning, you must have a spare in the semester where you will be taking the elearning course. If you need to remove an in-class course as a result of elearning, please email your guidance counsellor.
    *Registration opens on Friday, May 1
    *To view course offerings:

    *Complete this google form to register for elearning:




    Student Leader

    How to make a course change:

    Student timetables for the 2020-2021 school year will be available in the student portal beginning on Monday, June 22.  
    All students should carefully review their timetable to decide if they require submitting a one time course change request form as outlined below.  Students should keep in mind that in some cases, their alternate choice of course had to be used because of a timetable conflict.  Please do not email guidance counsellors to request changes.  All changes will need to go through this google form process for our tracking purposes.
    *STEP 1 - Review the student timetable - this can be found in the student portal 
    *STEP 2 - Check the school timetable to see which courses are open.  Click on the grade at the bottom of the timetable document on the link below (left side shows semester 1 by period/right side shows semester 2 by period) 
    When looking at the link below of the timetable note the coding system for available space in classes:
    red = full
    yellow= a few spots are available (but this does not take waitlists into account)
    green= several seats are available (but this does not take waitlists into account) 
    Here's the link to the timetable and available space in classes:
    * STEP 3 - Review course calendar for descriptions of courses you want to consider (optional)

    * STEP 4 - Complete the google form to request a change (the form will be open from now until June 29 at 3:00 and will re-open on August 26):  
    Please note:  there is an option on the google form to request a guidance appointment if this is easier for students.  Students who make this request will be notified of their appointment time and date through their @gotvdsb email.  
    If a course change cannot be made at this time, students will be placed on waitlists.  They should check their timetable in the portal up to Sept 7 to check for changes prior to the start of school.  
    If we can't accommodate changes, students timetables will remain unchanged and they will need to follow their current timetable.
    The Google form to request a change will be open until June 29 at 3:00 pm and then will re-open from August 26-Sept 17 at 3:00 (final date to request a change).


    EcoSchools Certification

    EcoSchool Certification

    Congratulations for earning an EcoSchool Certification.  The dedication of our Banting students and their commitment to environmental learning and climate action at school, at home and in the community is astounding.

    For more information about the EcoSchools certification process click on the link below.

    EcoSchools - About us

    EcoSchools Canada