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    Student Leader

    Course Changes

    Students who would like to make a course change for Quads 3 or 4 should either make a guidance appointment at this link:

    or complete the course change process using this link:
    Deadlines for Quad 3 Timetable Changes:
    Cohort A
    Period 1 course - Friday, Feb 5 at noon
    Period 2 course - Tuesday, Feb 9 at noon
    Cohort B
    Period 1 course - Monday, Feb 8 at noon
    Period 2 course - Wednesday, Feb 10 at noon

    Course Selection Process - Current Broncos

    It is course selection time already. If you are currently in Grade 9-12 and are returning to Banting for the 2021-22 school year, please click on the link below.  This site contains all the information you will need to successfully apply for courses and the timelines you will need to follow. 



    Virtual Candy Grams

    Welcome to the Virtual Valentine's Day Candy Grams! Fill in the information in the link below for the person you want for us to send them a virtual Candy Gram. Make sure to fill it out before February 21st! Student Council members will send the Candy Grams to your recipients emails from February 22nd - 26th.