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    Student Council Elections

    If you are interested in becoming a Grade Representative please click on the appropriate grade link below to complete the application process.   

    Grade 9:
    Grade 10:
    Grade 11:
    Grade 12:

    Get Involved - Banting Clubs and Teams

    For a comprehensive list of Banting's clubs, teams and organizations, including the staff contacts, hit the link below.  


    Timetable Change Requests for 2022-2023

    Student timetables will be available on the student portal as of    August 1, 2022.

    If you require a change to your timetable, please review this link and follow the process to request a change:  
    Please keep in mind that not all changes will be possible as courses may be full.  Check your portal a few days before the start of class in Sept to see if a change was made.