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    Summer School Registration - April 1 to June 26 at 4:00 pm

    Summer School On Site- How to Register

    The three PDF registration forms available below are fillable and savable.

    Please open these registration forms in Adobe Reader for best results. These forms may not be fully supported in other PDF readers or on mobile devices.

    Before printing the registration form, please ensure all of the required fields have been completed. To save paper, please print the form two-sided, if possible.

    Once printed, the registration form must be hand signed by the student, and by the parent if student is under the age of 18.

    Please open the applicable registration form below and follow the instructions on the form for completing and submitting the form.

    Registration Form for Grade 9-12 and Adult students currently attending a TVDSB school  https://www.tvdsb.ca/en/programs/resources/Documents/Summer-Programs/2019docs/New-Credit-In-Class-2019-TVDSB-Gr-9-12-and-Adult-Reg-Form.pdf

    Registration Form for Reach Ahead Grade 8 students currently attending a TVDSB school https://www.tvdsb.ca/en/programs/resources/Documents/Summer-Programs/2019docs/New-Credit-In-Class-2019-TVDSB-Reach-Ahead-Reg-Form.pdf

    Registration Form for all NON-TVDSB students including NON-TVDSB Adult students  https://www.tvdsb.ca/en/programs/resources/Documents/Summer-Programs/2019docs/New-Credit-In-Class-2019-NON-TVDSB-Reg-Form.pdf

    To review onsite courses and locations, view: https://www.tvdsb.ca/en/programs/resources/Documents/Summer-Programs/2018updates/New-Credit-In-Class-2019-Course-Offerings-v2.pdf

    Summer School E-learning

    Students must complete an elearning registration form in the guidance office.

    To review summer elearning courses, view:  https://www.tvdsb.ca/en/programs/resources/Documents/Summer-Programs/2018updates/New-Credit-eLearning-2019-course-offerings.pdf

    New Credit eLearning Program - tvdsb.ca


    SUMMER SCHOOL 2019 New Credit eLearning Program **Summer eLearning courses are open to current TVDSB students only** COURSE NAME AND TYPE COURSE CODES GRADE 9 Issues in Canadian Geography, Academic CGC1D GRADE 10

    To review all other details re: Summer School 2019, visit:  https://www.tvdsb.ca/en/programs/camps-and-summer-programs.aspx

    Summer Programs and Camps - TVDSB


    Summer School is a great option for students who want to complete additional credits during the summer or for those who would like to upgrade a mark.

    Homework Help

    Free Access to French, Math and English Online Homework Help and Practice for Your Child

    Dear Parent/Guardian, Your child’s classroom has been selected by the Thames Valley District School Board to get access to Voilà Live’s Virtual Immersion Campus. Every evening from Monday to Thursday students have access to live teachers online to practice their French and get homework help in French, English and Math.

    The Virtual Immersion Campus will be open Monday to Thursday (October 1st 2018 to May 31st 2019, excluding school breaks) from 5pm to 8pm (EST) for homework help and French practice You can send your child’s homework to homework@voilalearning.com before accessing the platform. Your child can also practice their French and play live, communicative games in French on the platform, all while earning points.

    Registering for Voilà Live is easy! All you have to do is:

    1. Visit http://voilalearning.com/en/free-online-tutoring/

    2. Click on ‘My school board is registered’

    3. Complete the form and use the code: 01THAMESVALLEY

    4. You will receive a link to download the platform the next day


    Variety Is

    June Examinations

    Exams schedules and expectations have been shared with students.  
    Exams are written from Thursday June 20 to Wednesday June 26. 
    All morning exams start at 8:30 and attendance is mandatory.  
    If students are writing an e-learning exam, information about time and location was sent to them during the week of June 3.
    Questions about the exam schedule can be directed to Mary Saunders, Vice-Principal.