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    Fill out this form if you wish to apply for the 2019-2020 Multicultural Committee.


    Homework Help

    Free Access to French, Math and English Online Homework Help and Practice for Your Child

    Dear Parent/Guardian, Your child’s classroom has been selected by the Thames Valley District School Board to get access to Voilà Live’s Virtual Immersion Campus. Every evening from Monday to Thursday students have access to live teachers online to practice their French and get homework help in French, English and Math.

    The Virtual Immersion Campus will be open Monday to Thursday (October 1st 2018 to May 31st 2019, excluding school breaks) from 5pm to 8pm (EST) for homework help and French practice You can send your child’s homework to homework@voilalearning.com before accessing the platform. Your child can also practice their French and play live, communicative games in French on the platform, all while earning points.

    Registering for Voilà Live is easy! All you have to do is:

    1. Visit http://voilalearning.com/en/free-online-tutoring/

    2. Click on ‘My school board is registered’

    3. Complete the form and use the code: 01THAMESVALLEY

    4. You will receive a link to download the platform the next day



    DARE... is an awesome memory making and character building event that is in its 27th year at Banting.  Students who wish to be leaders for DARE need to click on the link below to apply for staff jobs.  DARE delegates will also need to go to the link below.